Continuous innovation and high technical experience in digital projects.

Are you prepared to adapt your customer’s technology changing habits?


Assessment in strategic decision making.

The best way to take you ahead of the competition is to know you, so we get involved with you until knowing your unknown needs.


Technical and digital assessment in customer experience.

We advise you from the knowledge and with knowledge. The best solution is the one that adapts to the needs of your customers and is perceived as great value.


We do not think in limitations, but oportunities.

We make ideas real: you set the limit and we guide you until we reach it. Periodically we like to carry out R & D projects to prototype and get further from the new technological trends.

Technical Innovation in Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy Consultancy from Barcelona

We differentiate you from the competition and improve your customers' experience.

Tech Consultancy

Over 18 years of high knowledge in online and offline technology being able to offer independent and qualified services in technological consulting, improving the performance of your business plan.

Technical Innovation

We are committed to innovation and learning: we are abreast of technological trends by creating new improvements in offline-online communication.

Digital Strategy

We proactively get involved in your business processes working hand in hand improving your customer experience.

Results Oriented

We have the capacity to solve the problems that your company faces and to go further, making proposals of digital and technological innovation.

Expert advice on technology:

  • Years of experience and commitment to continuous innovation to enrich you with new solutions.
  • We provide objective, specific and independent knowledge to optimize your technological performance.
  • Transparent strategy and methodology, based on trust and sincerity.
  • The more knowledge from you we have, the more involved we become giving you an adequate solution to your needs.

Advanced knowledge:

  • Innovation and online-offline user attribution model integration.
  • ASIS analysis of current technological health situations.
  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO audits, SEO OnPage and SEO OffPage.
  • Usability: Definition of user behavior flow, attribution models and priority tasks.
  • Security: Security Audits, ethical Hacking and systems weakness analysis.
  • Performance: User load tests, code audits and reports with improvement recommendations.
  • Accessibility: Analysis of your website according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, version 2.0 (WCAG 2.0).

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