We direct your technological projects

We work together to carry out the preliminary planning and analysis of the requirements together, setting the control axis of the project.


Adaptive follow-up with global strategy

We carry out the follow-up by adapting ourselves to the needs that arise during the development and regularly communicating the progress to you.


Product Backlog creation and prioritization

We offer you all our experience defining the requirements and functionalities of the product to be developed setting the order of priorities.


Incremental development of the Minimum Viable Product

We plan iterative deliveries throughout the entire development, adapting to the changes of the project and increasing the value according to your clients.


Technical Direction for Digital Projects from Barcelona

We manage your projects coordinating personas and technique.


Agile methodology in project management to ensure a proper definition of all areas of knowledge required, setting up SMARTER objectives.


We offer you our management driven knowledge and methodology and technological innovation projects to become the reference within your sector.


We apply lean method in project management, adapting and prioritizing changes, keeping the communication open throughout the follow-up.


Objective and independent vision are essential to set up necessary development objectives, holding knowledge of your company prioritizing crucial processes.

Technology project management:

  • Creation of digital departments and team tech leading.
  • We advise you which provider is more effective to work.
  • We monitor the execution.
  • We accompany you as much as you want, you decide our type of involvement.

Management methodology:

  • Project charter definition.
  • Scope definition, analysis of scenarios and backlog prioritization.
  • Sprint definition and continuous improvement cycles in an iterative and incremental way.
  • Management and tracking tools available for total transparency processes.
  • Project development monitoring.

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